The holistic corporate wellness CONSULTANCY



● Increases work productivity (approximately 10%)
● Reduces lost work days (absenteeism)
● Increases work quality
● Reduces injury risk
● Increases efficiency and hence reduces costs
● Improves employee engagement and morale
● Creates a better and safer work environment
● A negotiation point when renewing health insurance


Ergonomics is the word used to describe the science behind designing a job to the person and not the person to the job. The word ergonomics originates from two Greek words “ergon” meaning work and “nomos” meaning natural laws. So together meaning the natural law of work. We use this science to help you do better, by improving the relationship between people, technology and the work environment.


Why it’s needed

People spending increasing time at work, normally 6-12 hours or 25-50% of a day, also increase the chances of work related injury.

Most work place injuries are accumulative, building up slowly over time unknown to employee and employer until its too late. We prevent the injury from ever occurring.


We come to your workplace to perform our unique 13 point assessment and provide solutions. As problems are dealt with best at their source. It is better for us to visit you in your workplace, than you visit us in ours.

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Before nomed

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NOMED is short for no-medical, as we work without the use of conventional medical methods. We prefer a holistic, natural and preventative approach. Unique to NOMED, all work is lead by a UK licensed medical professional; an osteopath trained in ergonomics. 

Our consultant has 15 years healthcare experience in ambulatory care, nursing, medicine and osteopathy; throughout the U.K., Europe, Africa and the Middle East. This includes setting up clinics in the field and hospital; and working with elite athletes, to heads of government and royalty.

We are the only consultancy with the ability to see the whole picture; taking you from problem through to solution. Clients are managed from discussion and expectation, to management, intervention and even treatment where necessary.




Clinical workstation assessment

● Individualised and holistic DSE (display screen equipment) assessment
● Alterations will be made (where necessary) to workstation to best fit the employee
● Issues related to workstation setup will be highlighted for further attention
● Detailed written report supplied including findings and recommendations
● Conducted by UK licensed medical professional
● Advice, hints and tips regarding working posture provided
● Ensures workstation and legal compliance
● Suited to all staff including those with injury and without for prevention


Well-being Workshop

● An interactive ergonomic postural training, education and well-being for office based staff
● Introduces a strategy for self-management of well-being at work to reduce risk of absenteeism and work related injury
● Hints, tips and advice on ergonomics, posture, movement and desk layout
● A comprehensive overview for all levels discussing how best to fit the work environment to the person
● Conducted by UK licensed medical professional
● Caters for small and large groups



For booking & information:


📞 +971 52 884 9471

🏢 NOMED FZ LLE, 404 Al Saaha Office B, Souk Al Bahar, Burj Khalifa District, PO Box 487177, Dubai - UAE.